August 1, 2016

UX Researcher, Strategist, and Author

He's obsessed with getting into his users' minds.

Victor Yocco is a UX researcher and strategist. His objective is to bring the voice of the user to the table when he makes design and strategy decisions, and he does it quite well. 

In addition to his UX work, Victor is an author and speaker. He is the author of the book Design for the Mind, as well as a featured writer for several publications. He enjoys speaking on a wide range of topics, from the psychology behind great design to reducing the abuse of alcohol in the design and tech industry.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • UX
  • The joys of parenthood
  • Alcohol in the workplace
  • What it's like writing a book



Our theme music is a track from Kazi Jo called, "Matchbox Girl."

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