April 18, 2016

Creative Strategist,  iZotope

Stacey Dyer is currently the Creative Strategist for iZotope, where audio software products are developed to enable and inspire creativity. While managing a new brand landscape, Stacey pushes the team to go beyond their usual boundaries through lean practices, as well as process discovery and customer validation. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Her journey to publishing her first book, AstroWed.
  • Her favorite parts working for Loctite.
  • Her brief stint owning a cake bake shop.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Design Heroes:
Marian Bantjes
Dave McKean

Find out more about the book, AstroWed: Astro-Wed.com
Stacey's Blog: StaceysDIYLife.com
Stacey's Work: StaceyDyer.com


Our theme music is a track from Kazi Jo called, "Matchbox Girl."

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