Making UX design more accessible through research and prototyping

UX design is just a methodology for problem solving.
— Natalie Lew

An interaction designer and recent graduate of University of Washington, Natalie Lew is passionate about the intersections of design and philosophy. Her interdisciplinary background in design has been the inspiration behind her Adobe Creative Residency project. The Adobe Creative Residency aims to inspire the next generation of creators - from graphic designers, to photographers to UX/UI coders by giving talented individuals a chance to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community.

As part of Natalie’s Creative Residency project, she has created a toolkit of resources to make user experience design more accessible and available to the creative community. Additionally, Natalie has partnered with Donors Choose, a nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects, giving them UX tools and ideas of how emerging technologies could be applied to the work they currently do. In the next several months Natalie plans to finish her work with Donors Choose and continue pursuing industries she is passionate about creating solutions for, like citywide climate change initiatives and social media filter bubbles.

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