Today on Obsessed with Design we have a special episode featuring a few of my fellow design podcasters, focused on their shows, how they got started, and what makes them tick. 

Looking back, there have been many conversations that I’ve had over the past 80-some odd episodes, and a surprisingly large percentage of them were with fellow designers who are also podcast hosts. Coincidentally these are all guests that I’m planning to get fresh conversations as part of season three in the coming months. But for now, I’d like to invite you to join me in the way back machine to relive some great advice from my favorite design podcasters.

This first clip is back from episode #72: Chris Do

The next clip is from Stephan Ango, from the Well-Made podcast, talking about what makes his show tick...

Up next, out long-time pal, Prescott Perez Fox of The Busy Creator podcast - one of the designers I know who is most obsessed with tools, processes, and tactics to help you be your best... 

And host of the Powderkeg podcast, Matt Hunckler talked with me about building a community of tech entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and investors in the Midwest.


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