Today on Obsessed with Design I'm chatting with Hrag Nassanian from Wayfinder Carry.

Hrag Nassanian is a Portland, Oregon based product designer / design director of performance-based soft goods (bags) and accessories.

Hrag cut his teeth with a little brand called Nike, and just weeks ago launched his own brand called Wayfinder. We were connected on Instagram... I was intrigued by the story of his brand launch, and reached out to have him on the show.

So without further ado, please enjoy this conversation with Hrag Nassanian.

Listen to the podcast here

I was really fortunate for the opportunity to both record this interview and do video, along with doing an unboxing video with all of the Wayfinder products. This isn’t sponsored, just wanted to share the cool products that Hrag shared with me!

Unboxing video

Or if you prefer to watch the interview as it happened…

Video interview on YouTube